Thursday, July 21, 2011


When I was young, my dad used to make the most amazing burritos. He'd fill them with beans, cheese, onions, jalapenos, black olives (an odd one I know), meat and/or rice if we had any leftover in the fridge, salsa, sour cream, avacado... The list goes on. Throughout college I would beg my dad to make them when I came home for holidays and school breaks. They're THAT good. But then I thought, why not make them myself so I can share with all my friends how amazing my dad's burritos are!! When I finally decided to grow up and stop eating fast food or microwave dinners every night, I decided to test the waters and see if everyone else thought my dad's burritos were as great as I think they are. I let my roommate know we'd be having burritos for dinner and I set to work preparing all the ingredients and heating up the stove. But when I set down the burritos in front of my hungry guests, they all looked slightly perplexed. Perhaps I should have mentioned that my dad doesn't make the standard burritos you get from any Mexican food place. These monstrosities are filled with far too many ingredients to be wrapped up tight in a tiny tortilla. Not to mention they are browned on the stove top so the tortilla is firm and a bit crunchy. Although hesitant, they all dug in with a knife and fork (the only way to really eat them without getting the fillings all over your lap). Of course they were a HUGE hit!! Everyone that's tried them has fell in love. But they did had just one suggestion: It really can't be called a burrito. Sure it's filled with all the standard burrito ingredients, but it's folded in half and browned like a tortilla. This crazy creation definitely needed a name all it's own. And so marked the birth of the term quesaritto. So chop up some veggies and warm up the refried beans because tonight you should definitely try one for yourself.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 12th, 2011

They were the talk of many a freshman dorm room in college. "I have the fat kid plan," I used to boast. I could take 10 people with me to Chappy on a Sunday morning and pay for all of them with my meal plan... It was magical. But somehow the “make your own pizzas” and less than impressive salad bar just never really did it for me. Insert a fresh vegetable and steak stir fry with a French baguette and steamed brown rice. What about homemade hamburgers with all the fixings and homemade French fries to match? These are just a few of the menu items on the Adult Meal Plan featured exclusively at the Tree House. For a small fee, our up and coming chef Donny (with a little help from yours truly at times) will make our diners a mouth watering dish 5 nights a week. But how did this bizarre idea come about? It all started when our downstairs neighbor, Michelle started joining us for dinner. Pretty soon the news of these delicious entrĂ©es swept the streets of PB until just the other night we had 7 people sitting around the living room chowing down on a Donny Hollis original. We currently have our “daughters” as they like to call themselves, Michelle and Audra, who are signed up for the plan. They originally asked us to adopt them when they tasted some of the food coming out of our tiny apartment kitchen, so naturally they jumped on this idea immediately when it was brought up. Initially there will be a few kinks to work out in our Adult Meal Plan like guest appearance prices and special dietary needs, but I am confident this will turn in to a great way to enjoy a family, home-cooked meal even though we’re all “out of the house” so to speak. So tune in often for updates on our meals, conversation, attendees and much, much more!! We want our readers to get to know us so they can feel like they are a part of this experience as well so special interest pieces on each of our guests will be posted eventually as well.

Spoiler alert! Tonight’s meal: Quesarittos!!! Be sure to check back for pictures and descriptions!!